Meet Dr. Robert P. Jeffers

Dentistry has been a major source of pride in my life, secondary only to my family. I have developed many friendships with patients and have been blessed to be able to help them achieve optimal dental health by restoring esthetics and function. I look forward to working with my son, Matthew, and sharing my passion for dentistry with him.

Education and Continuing Education

I have been involved in many continuing education courses over the last 36 years, ranging in topics from general and cosmetic dentistry to laser and implant dentistry. Among the world-renowned institutes I’ve attended include the University of the Pacific Esthetic Continuum, Pride Institute of Practice Management, United States Dental Institute, and USC and UCLA colloquiums.

Professional Affiliations

Outside the Office

I was born in Oakland, CA but have lived in Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, and Arizona before settling in Santa Rosa in 1977. My wife of nearly 40 years, Marci, and I have three children, Kevin, Lindsay, and Matthew, and four grandchildren. I am passionate about living a full life. When time allows I love to travel, play golf, ride my bike, and read.

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